6th Avenue, NYC | CORNER STUDIO 

St. FelIX | GEM INSTALL 01  

Install experiments in small apartments.

Fringe Gems_01_b 2_00021.jpg

UBM | fashion, coterie trade show 

Commissioned by UBM | Fashion for the 2017, NYC Coterie women's fashion trade show. Two installations were created on individual mannequins. The creative brief was to design 3-D mapped projections onto the the figures and to bring life to the Coterie patterns by animation.  Using a chiffon, I styled the two mannequins uniquely.  The material, when layered, created a magical affect with the projection light passing through it.  The trade show occurred over three days at the Javits Center, New York City. 


momofuku/sous style launch party

Commissioned by Sous Style for their 2015 launch party for a new Momofuku collaboration at Kinfolk in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  I was tasked with using the Sous Style/Momofuku Milk bar pattern as digital wallpaper for the event.  Using the unique construction of the interior, 3 sides of the dance floor were covered and mapped with ever-rotating, moving color and shape.



Projection piece for FEAR show. Built on 9 foot wall . 


2014 zadig&voltaire holiday window

Submitting the winning bid, I was invited to design and execute the 2014 Zadig&Voltaire holiday window display for their meatpacking district, NYC location.  I constructed and installed dozens of gem and diamond paperboard shape.  I designed and animated digital 3D gems sparkling that were then projection-mapped over the hanging shapes.